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About Us

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In 2014, BeFree&Sexy by Nanaynina was born as a small online project, selling women's clothing and accesories.

Since the biginning, the firm was very clear that its priority was to provide a good PREMIUM services to all our fiends girls and clients.

This dedication for the brand's stalwart has taken BeFree&Sexy to another level of connection between the brand and our friends girls and clients; Making them known, that it's not just about clothes and accesories, it's about dressing BeFree&Sexy, feeling that all women are free, sexy and independent like todays' modern woman. For our firm all women are equal regardless of their size and age BeFree&Sexy is that unique feeling that we experience when we debut a garment , when we look in the mirror and feel especiallly beautiful, free, sexy and unique like our brand BeFree&Sexy, which is special and carefully chooses the sophisticated and modern looks by our personal image advisor Nanaynina, special for you.

Every week we release news on the web, inspired by the latest trends.

BeFree&Sexy brings you quality fashion and takes you to the comfort of your home, all our products always at within reach of our pockets.